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All the products we use are environmentally friendly. You can shop the range we use directly here. Simply select the item you are interested in and you will be directed to our online shop where you can request to purchase.


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Norwex Enviro Cloth

Enviro Cloth


Norwex Enviro Cloth

Norwex EnviroWand with Two-Sided Sleeve

EnviroWand with Two-Sided Sleeve


Enviro wand two sided dusting sleeve for all those hard to reach areas

Norwex Healthy Home Package Townsville

Healthy Home Package

$539.50 $378.00

You save $161.50 (30%)

1 Enviro Cloth,
1 Window Cloth,
1 Dusting Mit,
1 Cleaning Paste,
1 Mop Base,
1 Tile Mop Pad,
1 Wet Mop Pad (recycled),
1 Chenille Dry Mop Pad,
1 Telescopic Mop Handle,
1 Rubber Brush,
1 Kitchen Towel,
1 Kitchen Cloth,
1 Kitchen  Scrub Cloth,
1 All purpose Kitchen Cloth,
1 Dish Cloths,
1 Car Wash Mitt